On the weekend of the sixth week of the pandemic shutdown, the weather was warm, the caseloads were dropping, and Dr. Henry gave permission for us to sit around outside in small numbers.

Maybe the man with the voice and guitar is a professional musician, now gig-less, taking his talent and equipment to the grass in front of his building, where the neighbours and passers-by make up his concert.  That’s what it looks like.

At the end of the video, ornithological accompaniment.





  1. “Free Mother’s Day Lawn Concert @ The Park Strand with The Reid Jamieson Band
    Sun May 10 – from 4pm-5pm-ish (Nelson & Chilco)
    Join us for some live music to cheer our local mamas, seniors, caregivers, frontline and essential workers and everyone who could use a wee bit of entertainment. Please keep (at least) 6ft apart and respect social distancing as best you can.
    https://www.reidjamieson.com Feel like tipping the band? you can do that here   https://www.paypal.me/reidjamiesonmusic
    photo by Diane Smithers” https://www.facebook.com/reidjamieson/posts/10158178102503788

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