From News1130:

She’s the first to say anything.  Testing the waters.  And “a little bit more” is one step up from nothing.

She definitely sees where this could go:

Other cities are already testing out road closures, Dominato says, including London in the United Kingdom and Calgary, Alberta.

She says she hopes improvements can be made soon because restrictions linked to the pandemic will likely continue well into the summer. …

She adds many trying to, respectfully, spend more time outside are already experiencing high-stress levels.

“Are there some areas where it’s higher density? Could we open up some shared space for motorists, but also for people who are cycling, walking pedestrians or just simply in some cases, maybe on weekends like they’re doing in Calgary, they’re trialling closing down some streets.”

Dominato tells NEWS 1130 she’s already asked city staff to look into how some temporary improvements can be made quickly because half the people living in Vancouver are renters and many don’t have their own backyard or access to private green spaces.

She also says this experiment could be a lesson on how to re-think urban planning to ensure space is better shared as the city continues to densify.


    1. When the current councillors were elected in 2018, we wrote to all (and the mayor) congratulating them, and requesting a meeting at their convenience to discuss active transportation issues.

      Councillor Dominato responded immediately; we subsequently met and discussed priorities for the coming years. She was informed on and interested in active transportation issues.

      I think she always thought that way. It is good to see her interest in slow streets, there has been a deafening silence from other elected officials.

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