Presumably, that they are obedient idiots.

The Board placed a log to prevent access to the Kits Beach parking lot off Arbutus Street – and then put up an unmissable sign to require cyclists to dismount and walk across a few hundred metres of empty asphalt.

Which no cyclist will do.  Ever.  Thereby reinforcing the meme that cyclists won’t obey laws.

So the Park Board thinks they’re idiots, no matter what they do.


  1. You are prevented from having your needs met and the rules that are created for you are absurd. They are designed to be ignored which will frame you as a lawbreaker. This is an example of disenfranchisement.
    Another example is path design which puts people in conflict based on travel mode. This (again) frames people cycling as annoying when the real culprit is outdated path design. There was a chance a few years ago to redesign the paths in this area of the park to remove conflicts but because of politics and a propaganda campaign this was interfered with and we still have old paths which were put in seemingly without any thought or plan.

    What does the Park Board think of cyclists? It’s really hard to tell. They probably see them as an annoyance and wish they would just go away so their jobs would be easier. Since this will not happen they need to just roll up their sleeves and get some work done instead of stupid reactive things like this which will not help or be a lasting solution.

  2. Yes, that does seem ridiculous.
    Giving someone, perhaps a city employee short on signs (rather than the Board itself), the benefit of the doubt, maybe that sign was placed instead of a “hazard” sign to make visible the massive dark log at night in an unlit parking lot.

  3. At least the left Oppenheimer Park open for the homeless and thus left it closed for the taxpaying public.

    Whatever happened to Oppenheimer Park coverage actually ?

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