Dianna reports in:

The first hour of the first day of the first (?) closing of Stanley Park to cars.

It turns out that riding in Stanley Park when cars are banned is very much like riding in Stanley Park on any sunny weekday afternoon – lots of cyclists, almost all lycra-wearing roadies. It’s important to shoulder check before switching lanes because of lots of other cyclists, not cars.

I saw exactly one casual rider on the seawall, and I cut her some slack because she was wearing headphones and maybe hadn’t heard the news.

Ever been tempted to pause in the middle of Stanley Park Road to take a photograph? This is your moment.

I’ve always wanted to ride the wrong way around the park, and this could be the time to do that, but with a BIG warning to be aware of cyclists flying along the roads.

Oh, and if anyone has lost a red bandana it’s in the middle of the right lane just past Prospect Point.



  1. I remember back after the the 2006 windstorm and there were no cars on ring road for a few months. People just wandered everywhere, cyclists could go either direction. This meant being able to cycle the opposite direction for the first time ever – it looked like a totally different park.

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