In the post below, Price Tags is advocating that the existing and planned Greenway network be designated for both social distancing and social inclusion – a common space to share together, with enough room to maintain separation.  In other words, the streets and paths that, with reduced or eliminated vehicle traffic, become the places we need to enjoy the spring, get some exercise on foot and bike, and reduce the mental risks of depression and anxiety.

For our City leaders, it’s a fast, affordable and unifying action they can take now.  And here’s the thing: people are going to do it anyway.

April 5, Chilco Street

We don’t need to be told: keep a two-meter distance when walking, even further on bike.  We just need the space to do it properly.  We need to formalize what citizens will do on their own.  To make it safer by providing direction, instructions and signage in order to avoid conflicts with vehicles.

We can even set a goal: This spring, walk or cycle the complete greenway network.



  1. So, true. When I’ve been out I see everyone is complying. The only time they’re not are at pinch points where it’s not possible. Some places need to (at least temporarily) be widened to allow the possibility of keeping our distance.

    They’re now working on the design for the first section of the Arbutus Greenway. Is this directive now influencing the design width?

  2. “At this time in B.C., we are all encouraged to stay home as much as possible.” (BCCDC website 04,06,2020) For those who must go out for essential purposes the BCCDC has an info poster titled: Tips for residents of apartments and other multi-family buildings. Information regarding masks, even hand made masks can also be found on their website. The idea seems to be stay home, not walk around.

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