The Seven O’Clock Cheer has become so much more than support for the health care providers who are on the front line.  It’s also a way to support ourselves.

The West End is ideal for human exchange: a single voice carries over lanes and roofs to hundreds of others on balconies, who break out in their own applause.  A beautiful cacophony.  And eye contact.

Often spontaneous events burn brightly but fade quickly.  Still, the nightly cheer goes on.  Naturally, people make their own contributions; they take advantage of this amazing performance space; they find ways to keep it going.

One who does is Caley Honeywell (caleyonsax – Instagram)  She plays her saxophone from the rooftop of her building on the edge of Stanley Park.  From a block away, it doesn’t sound like any saxophone you’ve ever heard.

After some blares and improvisations, she breaks out in ‘O Canada’.  Listeners even a short distance away can’t quite tell where the sound is coming from.  It goes right to the heart.

Here she is – “Pied Piper of Unity” – in a video taken by neighbour Alex McCullough:



  1. Hi Gordon, I couldn’t see a video of the saxophone player in your apartment building. Can you resend it?

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