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We are posting this on the weekend because it’s a chance to work with some pretty creative and innovative people and we think you might be one of them.

The City of Vancouver is hiring a School Active Travel Planner in the Transportation Planning Branch of Engineering . This position will be realizing

the shared goals of the City of Vancouver (COV) and the Vancouver School Board (VSB) in supporting and promoting active travel to school, providing consistent annual walking and cycling promotion and training to students meets the shared goals of the City of Vancouver (COV) and the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for sustainable travel.”

The School Active Travel Planner develops and oversees the delivery of the School Active Travel Initiative, an active transportation education, encouragement, promotion, and monitoring program throughout all Vancouver elementary and high schools. The position also provides transportation planning support to the Branch Manager related to the strategic efficiency of the Branch.”

The deadline to apply is Sunday March 15. You can find out more about this position and how to apply for this post by clicking this link.

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  1. Seriously? Rather than just add to the bureaucracy why not build more downtown schools so parents don’t have to travel to get their kids to class? Better yet, repeal the decision that lets parents put their kids in schools out of their catchment area. They’re almost exclusively driven there.

  2. More downtown schools is your answer? Oh, right, because you already live downtown and don’t have kids. That’s why you think that is a good idea. Man, our biases really do taint our view of the world sometimes. You should apply to that job. Dispense more casual wisdom to the rest of us dummies.

      1. Oh, one guy did it. And it’s in Vancitybuzz. Yes, then it stands to reason that is the only viable choice. Build all schools downtown. Genius.

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