It is not often that a  Vancouver person’s  working life has a half century of documentation and film.  In 1964 Vern Frick was documented in this YouTube video which was produced for CBC and described his daily work as a postman. In the video he stops on Granville Street for his morning coffee. The original postal station D was on Broadway close to Fir Street, and you can see the Fir Street off ramp for the Granville Bridge in the video below. You also see a different Vancouver, with wooden houses, front porches, and a mailman who knows everyone on his route.

Vern Frick later worked as a postal inspector and ended up in safety management with the Post Office. Although he retired over 20 years ago from the post office, he kept on with his second job which was as an usher with the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition). And what a life he experienced with that job. This  2018 article by Susan Lazarek with the Vancouver Sun describes Vern as the “longest-serving employee of the PNE, who has been on shift as a part-time usher for virtually all the shows at the annual exhibition venues since the summer of 1963, is working his last shift on Labour Day.”

He was at the Beatles concert as an usher in August 22, 1964 (which ended after twenty minutes when fans rushed the stage).

He also ushered for the B.C. Lions football team.  He stopped working for the Lions games when they transferred to B.C. Place because he couldn’t see the game. He has however at over 80 years of age continued to work  at the hockey games at Rogers Arena, saying he is ever hopeful for the team to win a Stanley Cup.


You can see both ends of Mr. Frick’s remarkable Vancouver career on video. Here is  the 1964 YouTube video describing his work and times as a postman. And you can follow this link for a 2016 Vancouver Sun video story of his work as a fifty plus year employee with the PNE.


Images: CBC & Vancouver Sun


  1. I have seen the old NFB film, but I didn’t know it was Vern Frick. I recall seeing him a couple of times after Letter Carrier Depot 74 moved into “the plant” at 349 W. Georgia.

    Back in the early 1980s, the route that is shown in the film was very similar, and most of the buildings were still to be seen. By then, Postal Station “D” had moved around the corner to Pine St. There might have been a coffee shop in the location that is shown, but I generally went to the Aristocratic (SW corner of Broadway & Granville) for coffee.

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