If you are on the 2200 block of West 4th  in Vancouver there is a striking transformation at Leis de Buds which gets you thinking about Seasonal Stuff. Firstly right beside a handy bench is a mailbox waiting for your letter from Santa.  And west of this mailbox is the best ever little geodesic dome housing seasonal~and not so seasonal fragrant plants.


The whole effect at night is simply magical with the glow from the dome. It also talks about the importance of having different articulation on commercial storefront facades to allow such a temporary transformation with the glowing dome. It also provides light in the tiny plaza with a scale comfortable enough to sit in and relax.



Here’s the view of the geodesic dome from the north side of the street. Leis de Buds offers Canadian sourced flowers and also delivers flowers on a solar-powered off grid bus using solar panels and a Tesla battery. But at Price Tags, we like how a little piece of 4th Avenue has temporarily been made into a North Pole pied-a-terre.



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