In the Grand Bargain that has shaped growth in Metro Vancouver for the last half century, brownfield sites have played a crucial role: Usually large in area, often under single-ownership, located near waterfront or transportation corridors, capable of being comprehensively planned without requiring significant displacement, offering the prospect of new amenities and connections while also triggering environmental clean-up, and, since separate from established communities, capable of accommodating density and development often unacceptable elsewhere.
While the City of Vancouver has been the location for many of the high-profile brownfield conversions in the last few decades, opportunities are emerging throughout Metro and in the province.  This webinar explores examples here and elsewhere in Canada (like the West Don Lands in Toronto, below) and how to achieve best results.
PIBC 2019 Webinar #9 – Brownfield Renewal: Local Government as a Catalyst for Change
This webinar explores how local government can be the catalyst for the renewal of contaminated and derelict land.  Through a number of case studies, our speakers will share best practices and lessons learned that would be applicable to any under-utilized brownfield or waterfront site in the province.   Speakers will also discuss funding incentive programs available through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).


Carla Guerrera   CEO & Founder, 
Purpose Driven Development & Planning

Benjamin Koczwarski, Advisor, Programs Outreach
Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)


November 27

12 – 1:30 pm

CPL Units: 1.5

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