1. I really don’t like food trucks…

    Okay, let me qualify that. Food trucks have their place, They’re a great way to provide food services at special events and unusual locations where a bricks and mortar restaurants just don’t make sense. I expect food trucks at festivals. I don’t expect food trucks to BE the festival. How absurd is that? Especially when those food truck festivals are occurring in the middle of summer when there are actual festivals that could use the service.

    If the otherwise unemployed food truck services are trying to drum up business in the off season I can give them a break,

    But food trucks as we see them in the city are the manifestation of so much that is wrong with our society:

    1 Motor vehicle based.
    2 Running fossil fuel powered generators.
    3 Stink – obviously
    4 Noise – obviously
    5 Disposable everything.
    6 Take-away – ie rat race, not stopping to smell the roses.
    7 Taking sidewalk space away from pedestrians.
    8 Undermining the high cost, highly taxed permanent food services.
    9 Aesthetic clutter.

    I get that there are some positives and I’ll let others point them out. But sitting at the art gallery steps on a sunny lunch break, for example, has been spoiled by the noise and fossil fuel stench, not to mention GHGs, of food trucks like this one.

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