Dean A sent in this article from The Guardian, with readers’ photos of the best and worst of the world’s bike lanes.  Here are the worst, because they’re much more appalling than the good ones are great.  (Click title for all the photos.)

To begin with a classic from Bucharest:


“This photo was taken in Bhubaneswar in eastern India where part of a street was recently painted for cycling but garbage has been dumped on it.”


Corporation Street Birmingham:


Leeds: ‘The shortest bike lane ever?’


Jacob’s Wells Road roundabout in Bristol: A tad longer but way more dangerous.


Speaking of dangerous, “This is the shameful cycle lane on Parkway going into the Regent’s Park at Gloucester Gate. My daughter, in the picture, is on her school journey.”


More here, along with the good ones.


  1. doesn’t it miss the Burrard bike lane (north of Nelson) in this list?

    what is the difference of this one with the last picture of the post.

    the setting is the same, and in the case of Burrard, it has been approved as the “best possible solution” by the VACC (nowadays HUB…see ).

    so be careful what you wish for…

  2. The conflicting Hong Kong sign looks like “don’t walk bikes”. Unclear if that’s directed towards walking a bike on the bike path or walking a bike on the adjacent pedestrian path.

    The circular bike ramp look just like the ones on the Golden Ears Bridge (if you’re trumpeting good things).

  3. A new multi-use path was built on Ewen Avenue in New Westminster. Instead of using bollards the project team got “creative” and figured why not kill two birds with one stone and provide bike parking at the same time? If bikes are actually parked on the bike lane they completely block the path.

  4. North Van is constructing their entry currently. The bike path along Welch is getting speed bumps installed because the darn bikes go to fast when they cross the roads that intersect the bike lanes. This is because drivers have trouble/don’t care/think they’re in the right(I’ve had multiple cabs explain they don’t care who has a yield sign, “you get hurt if you don’t stop man”) to turn across a lane of traffic.
    I’ll be using the lanes beside that don’t have any speed bumps.
    Sorry I didnt get any pictures

    1. I have some photos of the speed bumps on Welch in North Vancouver. It is the first time I had ever seen speed bumps on a bike lane and it seems like poor design to me.

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