1. I’ve watched many of Uytee’s episodes about Halifax – a city I lived in far too many years.
    I detest talking heads. A serious talking head in a studio hands off to a serious talking head in the field. So boring.
    Uytee has imagination, good presentation skills, and a silly personable wit. Watchable.
    Interesting that he went from Halifax all the way to Vancouver – not Hogtown; not Calgary.
    When I left Halifax for the last time, it didn’t occur to me to go anywhere else permanently, though I lived in Montreal a few times and like it a lot.
    I was surprised, reading ‘Perfect City’, how amazing, apparently, Toronto is becoming – attributed to immigration – that it gets more than triple the people than Vancouver – over 100K per year. Too bad the author didn’t include Vancouver in his analyses.
    Anyway, Uytee is here and I’m sure he’ll find/create lots of stories. Looking forward to more.

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