… or at least Italy, from where John Graham reports:

In the south of Italy – here in Sorrento at the end of the Amalfi coast – the e-bike with fat tires is taking over. And not by the mountain-biker demographic, as you can see from the front basket and rear child seat.

This bike on the main pedestrian shopping street is their version of the mini SUV. The fat tires are for the rough and variable cobblestones.

The rider was a woman in her 40’s who got off and went into the cosmetic shop behind.



  1. That is a pretty great alternative to an SUV if you ask me. Tires that wide are not necessary, but they are forgiving and give the rider confidence I suppose – same as a real SUV. The only objection I have is parking in the middle of the sidewalk: if everyone does that, then we have a problem.

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