Rude Red bus zones 2

These images have been sent to us by an ardent PriceTags reader who wonders why a public outreach process  was not undertaken in ascertaining the best “bus zone” treatment for Broadway. Our reader notes that the bike street green paint used for Vancouver’s bike lanes is weathering as well, and suggests it might be better to look at any national standard as a guideline instead of a requirement, and choose the best surface possible.

This is of course a temporary treatment to see whether it has any impact on vehicles parking in bus zones, and the materials are not permanent. But you can already see the oil and dirt on the painted portion after mere days.

Our reader’s final thought~” I see  red at both the B-Line and #9, eastbound stops. I can’t imagine the upcoming Broadway Corridor project adopting this as a “standard”along the entire length! Express and local stops will not be eliminated.”

The chance to redesign the bus zones would be a great art competition in Vancouver with so many designers and people that care passionately about the public realm. We can already suggest a prize~how about free transit for a year for the winner?  And even better, why not have local artists redesign the bus loading space treatment every five years as a special Vancouver signature?



  1. We can already suggest a prize~how about free transit for a year for the winner?

    Even better, acknowledge the training and expertise of working artists and pay them a professional sized commission for the work.

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