While enjoying a few days in our provincial capital, I was pleasantly surprised to discover more separated bicycle lanes in the downtown core with the recent completion of the Humboldt and Wharf Street routes. (Click on title for pics.)


There are some great road diet and public realm measures taken here in addition to providing cycling infrastructure.


A street closure where Humboldt met Douglas giving way to an urban plaza complete with seating, bike racks and a ping-pong table.




Further down the route, a rework and calming of the vehicular travel lanes where Humboldt, Government and Wharf meet connects to the Wharf street separated bike lanes.


There’s even a bike traffic counter in this new plaza which no doubt will keep ticking over as ridership grows.


And of course, the usual controversy and commentary: ‘I’m not against bike lanes, it’s just that everything you did or would have done is really stupid.’


  1. Oh, the certainty with which Mr. Cleverley breaks it all down. He is clearly the only sane man in a crazy, crazy world it is his gospel duty to set straight. The raw, purifying might of his vision for a world where it is always 1983 should shame us all into instant action. Only one lone scribe at the Times Colonist stands between civilization and chaos.

    I suspect Mr Cleverley ‘s real beef with these bike lanes is that they run through several possible plots where his monument was supposed to be.

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