Beginning in the 1970s and through the ’80s, in both the city and the region, the word used to describe the intent of our urban planning and policies – and the goal of our leaders – was the idea of the Livable city.


By the 1990s and into the early 21st century, the descriptive term used was “Sustainable” – otherwise known as “Greenest“:


As climate change became more of a priority – and the need for strategies to deal with unknown but potentially severe impacts – the word that showed up in reports and discussion in the last decade was “Resilient


Livablity, Sustainablity, Resilency … and now the what may be the term most appropriate for the next decade and the one that will inform our planning strategies:





  1. And in nearly 50 years of emphasis on livability, greenness, sustainability, and resilience, no local government in the Lower Mainland has thought to end mandatory requirements for car storage?

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