Well, this post was a trigger: “Just possibly the worst sidewalk to navigate in downtown.”

PT readers think there are worse examples than Dunsmuir at Pacific Centre.  So we’ll take nominations, and then vote.

Here’s Ron van den Eerden’s nomination: Nelson and Cambie:

Several of these eyesores are set behind the sidewalk so you get the crossing *and* the ugly hole: Robson and Howe, Robson and Hornby, Howe and Smithe, Costco entrance off of Beatty and the ugliest of them all, Nelson and Smithe at Cambie at the SAP building. The worst of both worlds.


  1. Yep, my favourite worst. Between the pillars in the middle of the sidewalk and the sloping underside of the car ramp, one’s the pits.

  2. Eyesore, yes, but still lots of space for navigation (and it’s not a crazy busy sidewalk like Robson).

    WRT obstacles in the sidewalk – what about the tree in the middle of the west sidewalk of Homer just north of Nelson?

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