1. This rule, like nearly all trumpet performances will predictably? end up in the courts, where it will serve to employee numerous people in the legal and judicial system, many of whom will simply obfuscate their duties in hopes of a complete republican wipeout in November, 2020, enough so that the electoral college system can be eliminated before the 2024 elections thus allowing the American public to move forward with regulation in critical public health policy areas affecting their daily lives.

    1. One can only hope. Trouble is, even if the Democrats win the White House and both branches of Congress in 2020, they have only two years before they face mid-terms and the possibility that the GOP will gain one of the branches back. It depends on how “radical” they get in those two years. There is a lot of Trump damage to fix, so the Dems are already behind before they even get to their first progressive policy. They need to hit the ground at light speed.

      Pete Buttigieg has two worthwhile policies regarding reforming governance structures, abolish the Electoral College (really, a remnant of the early 1800s) and elect (i.e. not appoint) another six judges to the US Supreme Court for a total of 15 to counter the tendency to cast biased ideological molds meant to encase the court of last resort.

      1. I highly doubt Elizabeth Warren will win against Trump in 2020. Not with the New Green Deal, aka socialism coated green as opposed to communist red. She used to be a republican, you know ? She was quite conservative in her younger pre-Pocahantas years.

        But indeed this methane roll back is unfortunate and utterly unnecessary as oil & gas energy booming in US [ unlike Canada ] who can easily afford tighter regs.

  2. The economy is a machine, its process and products need regulation to insure human health and safety. This is ‘a rule of human survival’ that applies to all sectors of human activity.

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