Vancouver historian Michael Kluckner is putting together a presentation on historic railway hotels to be held at the Hotel Vancouver. So appropriately he came across this image from the 1950s:

That’s Kitsilano Pool in the foreground, with a remarkable shot of the old beach pavilion behind it.  Long gone, of course.  But we still got the Hotel Van.

Here’s the closest comparison I could find:



  1. Fantastic to see the overall layout of pool & Showboat stage as a hybrid fusion intertwined.

    Hmmm, it’s a pity that thumbnail photo showing Hotel Vancouver wasn’t a clickable link to a much higher resolution image … I’m a stickler & fan for detail. So many details in that wonderful view to study.

    Is there any further information regarding how to source the original high quality image? (assuming it might’ve been taken by a professional photographer). Is it available at the Vancouver City Archives? Or is this simply a snapshot from personal family photo collection?


      1. “Photographer unknown,” the archives site says, and technically within copyright if it was taken after 1949. The donation was in 1974. Fair use for educational purposes?

        1. It’s absolutely OK to use it for educational purposes. The photographer is identified as W Young, but the copyright holder (if there is one) is unknown. Because that’s the situation, they note that there’s ‘insufficient information to determine copyright status’ so it is treated as copyrighted.

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