1. This image is depressing.
    I’ve eaten in a restaurant twice in the last ten years.
    My dad never took us to a restaurant in our entire lives. We did get KFC a couple of times – literally – stopping on the way home – when he had a twofer coupon. Culinarily, it made quite an impression.

    When I worked in a restaurant in Horseshoe Bay, servers were sloughed off the job of preparing Caesar salads – cheaper than using a cook. The romaine of this salad is supposed to be torn – not cut.
    I tore lots of it.
    The owner had also dispensed with a cashier – made the servers do their own cash. The closest I came to washing my hands regularly was with that romaine lettuce.

    I have a hard time keeping track of what’s in our own fridge. To expect good sanitary food from an establishment with multiple employees and a multitude of personal issues – is pollyannaish.

  2. Kevin O’Leary bragged about spending a thousand dollars a day in restaurants. He’s rich enough, but it’s smarter to hire personal chefs.
    I worked in “haute cuisine”. Think your odds of getting something puke worthy are less?
    No. It’s safer in a mom & pop.
    The fast food industrial complex has more safeguards against food poisoning, but their food is rubbish to begin with.
    Cannot believe people eat at Rotten Ronnie’s. Places like this are like parking lots – a place to generate holding revenue for a real estate play.
    Make a lunch. Carry some trail mix. Cook at home.
    Make a thermos of coffee if you need it. Buying a coffee, from a place like Starbucks, where one of the richest men in the world has you lining up and giving tips to his employees … shocking.
    Third place my @ss. Go for a walk with someone. Sit in a park. Invite them home.

    1. I’d hate to live in a city full of people who think like you do. I like restaurants, bars, cafes etc. I like the ambiance of being out among friends and strangers for a while. I like the vibrancy it adds to the streets as people actually leave their homes to socialize in their “living rooms” and “dining rooms”.

      Not saying you can’t create some of those same experiences in other ways but I’d rather spend my money in my favourite establishments than be limited to staying at home or a picnic at the beach – especially with our pathetic liquor laws.

      The quality of food is as good or bad as the quality of the restaurant. It doesn’t need to be especially pricey to be good. I don’t worry about what goes on in the kitchen. Illness from restaurants is extremely rare and being excessively sterile only makes you weaker.

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