From Dianna. who’s a Seaside Regular:

This is an especially scary time of the year to ride on the seawall. People have a few months of riding, have grown stronger and more confident, and now their enthusiasm and strength outweigh their skill. People ride faster but aren’t aware of increased pedestrian traffic, never mind other cyclists.

I’m happy to see other happy riders, but please pay attention to what you’re doing. Heads up, friends!


Not a new problem.  Here’s a CBC report from 2014:

Cyclists have to take care for each other, because there’s not much evidence that the Park Board does.


  1. As somebody who walks, runs and cycles along the Seaside trail and Stanley Park seawall, I agree. I have the most issues with clueless pedestrians and dog walkers, especially when running. Often I find walkers blocking the whole width of the trail and refuse to give way, even when coming toward me. The cell phone users are the worst, as they weave all over the place.

    Also, as a cyclist and runner, I’ve had a few misses with off leash dogs or those on extended leashes. I’ve almost run or cycled across extended leashes that I didn’t see until the last second. Please don’t use extended leashes in high traffic areas. The city bylaw says leashes are to be a maximum of 2.5 metres.

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