While in Tel Aviv, I signed up for ‘Lime’ – one of the scooter-share services in Israel.  Within about ten minutes, I loved it.  The electric scooter filled a mobility niche I wasn’t quite aware of: short trips for which even bike-share seemed excessive.  Or when transit and taxis were infrequent or unavailable.  Or just because it was the most accessible mode to choose when leaving the apartment, often right there at the curb. 

(Here’s what scooter-use looks like along the waterfront.)

But it was also was apparent that scooters were too successful for their own good: lots of road user conflicts, parking problems, safety issues, a general sense of anarchy after only a year or two of their introduction.

It seemed that the City didn’t quite know what to do with this popular but uncontrolled mode of transport, or so far hadn’t had effective enough enforcement – no doubt to considerable complaint from the populace.

I therefore wasn’t at all surprised when the following notice arrived in my inbox today from Tel Aviv Lime.  My guess is that the City has come down heavy on scooter-share companies (insider perspective welcome from TLV) and these ‘guidelines’ are the result . PT prints them in full as a helpful guide for this Province and City, which so far has made the scooter effectively illegal everywhere. 


TLV Shared Mobility Regulations

Dear Limers,

We, as Israel’s largest micro mobility service provider, take upon ourselves the responsibility to help all users of the urban space adapt to this mobility revolution and to reduce any disturbance that may be caused by our scooters.

On August 1st, new regulations will come into force and we want to tell you about them and the requirements of the law. Let’s all respect them and act accordingly:

Who is allowed to ride and how?

1. Riding on Lime is allowed from the age of 18 and over! Starting next week the Lime application will require each user to scan your license or ID to make sure you are of the right age.

2. According to Israeli law, an electric vehicle rider is required to hold a driving license or a special permit for electric scooters and bicycles (A3).

3. Do not use earphones in both ears when riding limes.
There is an obligation to wear a helmet while riding on lime.

4. Do not double ride on lime.

5. Do not use your cell phone while riding.

6. Do not ride on the sidewalk! Riding is permitted only on the bicycle paths and / or on the right side of the road.


How should the Lime be parked?

1. Do not block or cause interference at public passages. Care should be taken to leave free passage on the pavement of at least 2 meters.

2. The parking/ deployments of micro mobility vehicles on the sidewalk will be possible only near the curbstones or adjacent to the building and along it.

3. Do not block bus stops (including the wheelchair platform adjacent to the station), entrances to houses and buildings. Also, do not leave / park scooters near or on the front of businesses’ fronts (shop windows), including Tel-O-Fun stations within a radius of at least 2 meters.

4. Do not leave scooters in the area of ​​public gardens, which do not have bicycle paths. Also, do not leave scooters in the garden area (grass) of the city boulevards.

5. Do not leave scooters in the middle of bicycle paths, on the road and in the area of ​​regulated parking space.

6. Do not leave more than 3 Lime scooters together (as a cluster) in the public space.

7. Do not block access for people with disabilities. If you encounter a lime that blocks the road or interferes, please report it to us through the mobile application and we will act as quickly as possible to collect or arrange the scooter.

Please note that parking will be allowed only on designated parking spots with a maximum of 3 Limes per spot in the third Quarter of the city of Tel Aviv (the city center – the northern border: Tel Aviv port, the southern border: Bograshov Street, Ben Zion, Marmorek, western border: the sea, eastern border, Ibn Gabirol Street). The designated parking spaces will be marked on the map to facilitate your search experience.

Please note that according to the user agreement, a rider who does not  follow our guidelines and under the service regulations is expected to receive a fine.

Help us keep the public space and ride safe!

Team LIme Israel

“We continue to visualize and re- imagine mobility in the urban environment – People centric, not cars centric.”


  1. Yes I too noticed this riding joy & convenience but also risk and anarchy in Austin, TX about a month ago.

    Most of these new rules make sense AND should be incorporated into BC’s motor vehicle act.

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