Greetings Price Tags reader—

My name is Alexandra Doran (I’ll answer to Alex!), currently working in the region as a transportation planning consultant. I’m originally from Halifax, and came to Vancouver in 2014 with stops in Kelowna and Montreal.

I have a Master’s in urban planning with a concentration in transportation, and my areas of interest — which I look forward to sharing and discussing with you — include planning for equity, particularly as it relates to transport and housing, active transport, and the many facets of environmental justice. Dovetailing off some of Price Tags recent discussions, my first series of posts will explore the rise of e/micro mobility.

I’m always eager to hear and chat about emerging policies, projects and plans – both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – from here and elsewhere, so please don’t hesitate to suggest particular topics for me to cover.

Thanks for following along!



  1. Hi Bruce!

    You can either a) place it in a comment on any of my posts which will then send a message/notification to my email, or b) email me directly (I can send you my email if you prefer option b!).

    1. Hi Thomas!

      In terms of topics, I was thinking of environmental justice issues in general, or, applying a lens of environmental justice to particular projects. For example, development or project x such as a land fill is being proposed on land y such as first nations land would certainly be a topic that falls under this theme in my opinion. The ENRICH project based in Nova Scotia is currently doing some great work/research on both specific and general issues pertaining to environmental justice and environmental racism

      1. So First Nations only being considered for justice. No one else ?

        Again, paid by whom to benefit whom?

        1. Where did that absurd thought come from T? Environmental justice, like all justice is for all. Therefore paid by all.

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