From, Sweden is experimenting with a road surface that actually recharges electric cars as they drive the highway. A one mile section of road in Gotland will be rebuilt with charging panels at a cost of 12.5 million dollars. If the trial is successful, Sweden plans to build more than 1,200 miles of this recharging road in the near future. You can find out more information and view a video on this project here.

And here is a video that describes the technology and its potential application in France.


  1. Bombardier has had an LRT inductive power system called Primove since at least 2010, when this video was posted on YouTube. I don’t know, however, if there have been any actual commercial installations built.

  2. It’s a good idea to try it out. Will it become mainstream? We shall see ..

    Many good ideas fail as they are too costly, or too early.

    Hyperloop is a good idea. Drone deliveries are a good idea. Zeppelins are a good idea. The Segway was a good idea. Electric buses are a good idea. EScooters are a good idea.

    EVs are a good idea.

    The main reason we do not see a huge rush into EVs is that they are too costly for the avg family as the only family car AND not profitable enough for existing car manufacturers. As such many good ideas flop or get picked up by a tiny niche minority only.

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