1. Woah! Looks like somebody isn’t ready for the future if they’re freaking out now out of a temporary parking restriction.

    1. Good grief! There are runs on this section two days a year and everybody has (or should have) off street parking. i guess we should just run these races down arterial streets, so more people are affected.

  2. Though it may seem silly to complain about parking, the BMO Marathon is incredibly disruptive to all traffic between the airport to downtown Vancouver. I couldn’t help wonder if that’s why there were no cruise ships in port that Sunday.

    1. It disrupted the Canada Line? How so?

      I also rode my bike through and alongside it and it was only a minor inconvenience. Maybe the biggest problem is just how cumbersome and inflexible cars are in a city. A major disadvantage to those who rely on them.

      On the other hand, how much of the problem is the inflexibility of the race marshals? With big gaps in the running crowd the marshals were still insisting that pedestrians and cyclists cross only at certain streets that were not even aligned with the bike route. Who came up with that? I had to detour to the 3rd Ave. bike route instead of riding Pt. Grey Road – that’s okay. But the official crossing of Alma was at 2nd Ave. Absurd!

      I get that the race marshals needed some structure as the big mass of runners came through. But to continue to insist on that structure when the race was down to stragglers is evidence of a society incapable of much needed clear thinking and discretion. So I showed them how that’s done by ignoring them. The nearest runner was 100 meters away.

      1. Yes I had a similar experience, a marshall told me I had to ride along the stanley park causeway rather than use the empty roads in stanley park. I said ok then went straight to the empty roads in the park.

      2. Similar experience on Chestnut St.
        No runners anywhere in sight.
        “No, you can’t cross”.

    2. Rush hours which happen twice a day, five times a week are incredibly disruptive to city life. Marathons happen in most major cities around the world. It is a once a year race and streets are reopened as soon as possible after.

  3. First there was that accursed bike lane; and now this.
    What are the cream of Point Grey to do?
    Manufacture a sign and protest.
    Curious to know what else in the pecking order of indignities this sad person has to rail against.
    What a life. Such hardship. Nothing like Syria.
    Free street parking ripped out of their bosom.
    Remember the tens of thousands affected by the Indy. They should bring it back and put it through her neighbourhood.

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