Nothing new or surprising here for Motordomheads, but a real nicely paced visual summary of three case studies: Portland’s Harbour Drive, San Francisco’s Embarcadero and Seattle’s Alaskan Way – real-life examples of what happens when a section of freeway is removed or closed.

Why, why does Carmageddon never happen?  (Confident prediction: same with Vancouver’s Viaducts.)


  1. On that note – the City of Vancouver’s viaducts-removing Northeast False Creek Area Plan wins an American Planning Association award!

    Nice vid;

  2. Carmageddon won’t happen because the replacement (Georgia Street ramp) will have higher motor traffic capacity than the viaducts.
    (During construction might be a different story though.)

  3. On the congestion front, a little comic relief courtesy of Brent Toderian’s Twitter feed:

    Relieving traffic congestion by building more road space is like trying to lose weight by loosening your belt.

    BREAKING NEWS: A truck loaded with Vicks Vapo Rub crashed on the I-75 in Atlanta yesterday. There was no congestion for eight hours.

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