From the South China Morning Post:

The son of a Chinese tycoon is buying a C$5.1 million (US$3.8 million) custom Bugatti sports car in Vancouver, apparently with his father’s Union Pay credit card, according to a picture of the invoice the young man posted on Instagram to complain about Canadian taxes.

Ding Chen published a copy of the bill bearing his father Chen Mailin’s name on his Instagram stories, with an exasperated message overlaid in Chinese: “These taxes … my heart feels tired”.


  1. His hear will feel even more tired when the entire amount is assessed as income.

    I do know that he tried to delete this image pretty quickly so he may have realized..

  2. I am woken up every Friday and Saturday night in the middle of the night by people in fancy cars blasting down Georgia. I don’t think we tax them high enough.

  3. My heart is particularly light in knowing hundreds of thousands of dollars from this spoiled brat and his family will be going to BC taxpayers. One small victory toward repairing the damage he and his ilk have done to our city.

    1. Until the car gets dinged or scratched or (heaven forbid) totalled street racing. And ICBC has to shell out to this poor naive little darling.

  4. Almost as tone deaf as when the tv news tells us just how bad things are going to get climate-wise, and then they throw to a truck commercial and a tropical holiday ad. Those desires are as much a reflection of Western values as any sports car, just as bad for the environment, and indulged by millions of Canadians.

    We should attend to our own culture’s carbon addiction more comprehensively before worrying so much about how others want to throw their money away.

  5. I always love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote re: talking about people/things/ideas.

    I think we are all struggling with the high-carbon hypocrisy imposed upon us by modern living.

    Admittedly, Bugatti owners may have it less top-of-mind than others.

    It’s a glorified Volkswagen (the actual marque owner) btw

    Thanks for the taxes bro. Buy a supercar, build a park. Those rich. Always giving back.

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