1. What’s the count for the skinny stretch of seawall-facing properties (Pennyfarthing and neighbours) between the Granville & Burrard Bridges?

  2. I found it interesting that the parcel of land includes a stretch of 1st Ave that is currently used to access Creekside Drive, Pennyfarthing Drive, and Mariner Walk. Van Map also shows a lack of ROW for the current roadway at that location.

  3. Be careful what you wish for. At least half of that shaded area south of Fourth is relatively affordable, older multi-unit buildings. Nothing built by the Squamish or anyone else will be able to replace that with current land prices.

        1. Social housing is very different than rental100 or affordable housing. Some social housing are rented for free

  4. 3,000 potential purpose built rental units could be achieved with 6 ‘Gateway Towers’ each 60 storeys high (three each, either side of the Burrard bridgehead) requiring 1800 parking stalls, and 6,000 bike spaces.

      1. Sure, the surrounding residents and businesses would be happy to have thousands of cars dumped on their streets every evening. Or do you live in Narnia and travel by unicorn?

        1. Rent could include transit pass instead of parking—– C O V could charge market driven street parking fees — New tenants would know before they choose to move in

        2. Meanwhile, existing residents were once new to the neighbourhood too and dumped their cars onto the previously calmer streets. Now they are claiming the right to avoid shifting the same paradigm they themselves once shifted?

          This is more than about cars, and it’s obvious that cars will have to be minimized through better urbanism, public services and infrastructure, like multi-use zoning, transit and bike lanes.

          I lived in that neighbourhood for 10 carless years and know that it can be done.

  5. Great idea to monetize land and build rentals in such a prime location.

    Parking for cars needs to be relaxed obviously in such a location. Maybe one in 10 renters will have a car if affordability is the goal, and a stall could be rented for $350/month to keep demand in check.

    The other undiscussed issue is how much property taxes, GST, PST, CACs, DCCs, if any, will be paid to CoV or province to fund: roads, schools, kindergartens, swimming pol, community centers ?

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