I wonder how many kids of Asian ethnicity, growing up in Vancouver, have images like this …

…looking adorable as a blossoming cherry.

Actually, how many Vancouverites of every ethnicity take the same pictures every year as boulevards of Akebono, Kinsan and Pink Perfection burst into spring?

The Cherry Blossom Festival is definitely a Vancouver thing – recognition of a city with a shifting mix of European and Asian influences in its landscaping. And in the traditions of its families.


  1. Yup, I notice the same thing in Portland! On a beautiful day on the Portland waterfront when the cherry trees are at full blossom, it feels like *every country on Earth* is represented! It’s unbelievably diverse and spectacular in every way!! πŸ™‚

  2. One more reason to wonder why the dour Mayor Helps of Victoria wishes to deprive that city’s residents of this Spring pleasure. #virtuesignalling

      1. What is not true is the bogus claim she is doing it out of some relation to climate change. That’s completely at odds for her reason to dump the cherry trees because they’re not native. Which of course is ridiculous because obviously native trees will be even more poorly suited to a changing climate. Maybe she she should be looking at some species from California. Like I said, a virtue-signalling move from a dour killjoy. No doubt she thinks she’s striking some blow for de-colonization.

        1. I’m not following your train of thought here but I don’t really care. The last I heard they were going to make an exception for some cherry trees.
          Mayors tend to get blamed for/given credit for things that they have little to do with. Just speculating here bu this whole thing might have come from a professional arbourist about drought tolerant species being easier/cheaper to take care of so they made a policy. Now the mayor has to defend the policy even if she might not have been even aware of it before.

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