Gord Price will be off for a week in the ‘Great City of the 20th Century.’

In addition to a half dozen or so great recognizable buildings from the last century, there is, buried among them, a deco tower from the 1920s, still known as the Beekman.  At the top is a lounge which looks exactly as you’d expect.  (Isn’t that Stephen Sondheim in the corner banquet, exchanging clever lines with Cole Porter: “No fits, no fights, no feuds and no egos, amigos.”)

I’ll be returning there, as I have since the 1980s.  For another martini.  For a chance to celebrate six decades on this planet in a place that, even at the depths of its decline, convinced me that this was, urbanistically, the kind of place I liked and belonged in.  And as a leader in my own city, in my West End neighbourhood, that we could do it better.

I’ll be on Instagram (‘pricetags’), and will post when I’m not completely distracted.  Which I intend to be, a lot.





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