The City of Vancouver Engineering Department’s  Viva Program is partnering with the Vancouver Public Space Network (VPSN ) on a new public space competition called “Life Between the Umbrellas: Public Space in a Rainy City”. 

In a city with five months of rain how do you modify road space and public spaces to encourage public life? How do you invite people to slow down, enjoy the space, and connect with other people?

If you have an idea on how to make a piece of public space rain city brilliant, you are invited to submit your ideas by April 15, 2019. Idea concepts are being accepted in three “streams” (no pun intended).

  • Stream 1 – The Place: An idea to make a new or existing public space (such as a plaza, street, sidewalk, laneway, parklet, or park) rain-friendly.
  • Stream 2 – The Intervention: A rain-friendly design feature or element, or seasonal structure that can serve to enhance an existing public space.
  • Stream 3 – The Celebration: A rain-friendly pop-up activation (e.g. an event or interactive installation) in a public space that will help build a more positive culture of rain-friendly activity, fostering social connections in the rainy months.

You can find out more about the competition and get guidance on how to make a submission to change a space here.




Images: UrbanYVR, CBC

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