It’s not a park, and, at least for buses, not very royal.  Nor for their riders, waiting in the rain:


This is the stop for all West Van buses heading east, north and south.  It’s really a slightly enlarged bus stop serving as a transit exchange, except without sidewalk capacity, real-time signage, adequate seating and overhead protection.  Forget any prospect of a washroom.

There’s really no room for line-ups, which are simultaneous and frequent.  For riders running for a bus or trying to negotiate past the crowds, the surface is just dangerous and probably not even legal:


I doubt whether critics of enhanced bus capacity understand that the less adequate the transit, the more you get what’s next to it:


If West Vancouver insists that the B-Line stop at Park Royal, are they prepared to design and fund a proper exchange, as well as capacity for the buses to turn back?


  1. To be fair it is not much different on the Vancouver side.

    …and 99B patron are expected to wait in the rain also , at must of the stops.: bus shelter are a city responsability…

    and park royal doesn’t look much different than any other transit exchange owned by Translink (see Phibbs, 22nd station…thought the later goes under a welcome renovation)

    1. P R built a covered vehicle parkade but chose to leave their bus customers in the rain——– During the condo rezoning they insisted that the future residents—-( who could afford million $ plus condos ) , would ( stand in the rain to ) use the bus instead of driving—- District of West Van baught the story they got a multi million dollar land lift

      1. A couple of years ago the C O V moved the 250 &257 bus stop a block east ( into the rain) for months to aid Hudson Bay in reducing the size of its awning— It USED to be wide enough to shelter people standing in line– not now—- There are sheltered seats for 9 people—– Is the greenest city in the world was just a fashion statement ???

  2. Maybe West Van could install a bus priority traffic signal (vertical white bar) allowing the buses to make a U-turn form westbound curb lane to eastbound curb lane?
    West Van already has a bus priority traffic signal (vertical white bar) at Taylor Way eastbound, so buses can travel diagonally across the intersection (while other traffic is stopped) from the curb lane to the middle lane to head eastbound to North Vancouver.

    1. If the B line (replacing the 2 39) goes to Ambleside( or further) the only required P R transfer would be woodcroft & british properties——– THE caulfield ,inglewood, queens & whitby estates riders could transfer in ambleside—–

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