After scrapping an 80-unit rental apartment building, with rents offered 20 per cent below market, along with a seniors’ respite centre, and after rejecting funding for the Community Housing Action Committee. (CHAC), the Council of the District of North Vancouver is now undermining an extensive consultative process for the Delbrook site.

Indeed, it has scheduled a special council workshop with only the community association that was opposed to the project.

It’s a one-item agenda with no report or guidance for the workshop.  It effectively de-legitimizes the extensive public process that involved more than just the immediate neighbours, according to Robin Prest, program director at the SFU centre for Dialogue that facilitated the process.

From the North Shore News:

“The 2015 Delbrook Lands community dialogue put the district on the map as a leader in inclusive, participatory democracy. Any future engagement process that intentionally privileges the loudest voices over the silent majority is not only undemocratic, it risks breaching the trust of those who participated in good faith in the 2015 engagement process, including many residents living immediately adjacent to the Delbrook Lands,” he said.


  1. That’s sad. I don’t know enough about this project and how representative that Community Association is of the actual community being served. Often communities offer services to those living way outside their geographic area because they have unique facilities that ought to be shared by all.

  2. Does anyone know these councillors? What is the self interest in this, are they extremely fiscally conservative? After saying no so many times will they give a property tax cut.

    1. No, they just represent an older electorate of homeowners who are frightened of perceived change and want it to stop. In the short term they have succeeded. In the long term they will not.

  3. In most cases the Community Associations of these neighbourhoods represent none but the 6 – 8 people who attend their meetings. After experiencing years of a pair of Lions Gate despots claiming and threatening Council that they ‘represented’ the community we began our own dues-paying community membership that quickly exceeded any General Meetings (if held at all) of the “Land of No” advocates. The present new Council is composed of people comfortable with circumscribing a wall around the DNV. In a few years the result of their efforts will have created other problems of high costs and low service delivery. The description of the DNV, from a City of North Van councillor ring out to me: “The motto in the DNV is; “I love my kids, but I love me more.”

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