The New York Times asked its widespread readers to compare their experiences with the NYT MTA (the subway) to other places.

Our own Michael Alexander took them up on it, and managed to sum up a lot in a few words:

The SkyTrain, our rapid transit system, has three lines that run through metro Vancouver. It plays a key part in a transportation strategy that makes walking, cycling and transit account for half of all trips in Vancouver.

The entire system is driverless. I’ve sat in the front seat of a SkyTrain, imagining that I’m the engineer as we race across the Fraser River.

Automation puts more money into maintenance and expansion. Six new stations opened in 2016. A project that will connect the suburbs to a major hospital has been approved, and an extension to the University of British Columbia is being discussed.

New York impressions: The subway is a critical public asset with impressive 24-hour service. But it’s antiquated, inefficient and not designed for all ages and abilities.

Michael Alexander


  1. The Skytrain doesn’t aspire to the same bouquet of urine and cotton candy that NYC subway stations achieve. That’s a good thing, btw.

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