From our local correspondents Michael and Dianna:

Recently, in a break between rain squalls, Toronto transplant Himy Syed chalked an urban ‘labyrinth’, featuring our solar system.

With orbits looping across the pavers at the False Creek end of Manitoba Street, the elaborate chalk art includes a mysterious Kuiper Belt object thought to circle the sun, far beyond Pluto’s orbit.

Himy learned about the history of the area in which he works, and acknowledges it as part of his process.

This block was just a dead-end street. The different darknesses of the bricks represent the history of water flowing to False Creek.

Himy is comfortable knowing that the next storm will wash his work away; it gives him great happiness knowing that people will wander the labyrinth, walk or bike directly across it, stop and gaze, take selfies, and engage him and each other in conversation.

It’s all good.


  1. I’ve seen him draw these amazingly accurate circles. How he does it is beyond me. Thank you, Himy!

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