Take a walk on the Arbutus Greenway in this unusually warm January weather. Stop at 11th Avenue and look north towards the mountains.

Then turn around and look south. There are cars along the greenway. How is that happening?

Somehow the section of the greenway between 11th and 12th Avenue has become a car storage facility on the west side of the greenway. No indication on how those vehicles got there, But since there is no road…






    1. There is no route to drive there, so they are driving down the greenway, so pay parking won’t work, Towing them away is the best solution. If anybody sees cars parked here, I suggest calling parking enforcement.

  1. I checked VanMapp and the property is not owned by the building there but is part of city land. There are so many more options for parking than this place. They should get ticketed and/or towed.
    That area with the wall and lawn could be a nice little sitting area with benches, picnic tables, etc.

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