Electoral reform. Harmonized Sales Tax. Transit funding.

The last few years have seen British Columbians participate in an unprecedented number of referendums. The result has frequently been increased political and regional division, confused voters, and a platform for extreme ideas.

Is there a way to consult the public without divisive rhetoric and poor-quality public discourse? And when is a referendum an appropriate tool to do so?

Penn State University political communication professor John Gastil will share his insights on a reform that can help voters make smarter decisions in initiative elections. Moderated by Shauna Sylvester, Executive Director of SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of SFU Public Square.

Thursday, January 31
5-7 pm

This is a free event, but registration is required. Get your seat now.

Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue

580 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

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