Placemaking is also about people that interact with place and others in their neighbourhoods. A classic example is the extraordinary Davis Family who maintain the heritage houses in the 100 block of West Tenth Avenue in Vancouver. There’s always a family member sweeping the sidewalk, or tending to a hedge, comforting in a time of residential anonymity.

Newspaper delivery people also are placemakers, connecting to every door in a community. For any one that delivered newspapers as a kid, you know that it can be a trial, whether you dealt with the snow in Saskatoon or the pouring rain in Sechelt. But who would have imagined the honesty and ingenuity of Ivan, who delivers the Saanich News. This kid sent a note to each of his customers when he missed a day delivering the paper that deserves a special mention. His note reads:

“Hi and Merry X-mas! Ivan here! I’m so sorry about the inconvenience I may have caused you because I did not deliver the papers. I had a bad day and was in a bad mood so I could not deliver the papers on Wedsday(sic). Sincerely, Ivan

Ivan has drawn an unhappy stick figure below a very big mountain, and a tree with a leaf flying from it. The good folks at Saanich News recognized Ivan for hand delivering this note to everyone on his route. Apparently he also sent a handwritten note to his customers a month ago too when the paper went to press late. He’s that kind of person.

Ivan. Definitely on Santa’s “Nice” list, and the placemaker list too.






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