Singapore is hosting the annual i Light Marina Bay Festival which highlights sustainability in the country. This year the festival includes three 56 feet tall (that’s five storeys) sphere like globes, called “The Urchins”. The brainchild of Choi Shine Architects, these spheres have been hand crocheted and visitors are invited to interact with them.

The spheres move in the wind or by human touch, and are lit at night to cast shadows.  As My Modern Met observes these works “symbolize the beauty and diversity of nature” and use an old technology of string craft to provide a series of shadows and and light.

They also resemble large snowflakes, and I could see how this type of handcraft could work as floating spheres on water. Choi Shine is also involved in an installation in Scottsdale Arizona,  banding a river bank with a large lace ribbon evoking the past as it wends its way along a modern river bank.


It is a new way to think of temporary public art installations that have an ephemeral quality, are highly interactive and utilise a hand craft that is almost forgotten in the 21st century. The effect is extraordinary for something built with sustainable materials that can be moved from place to place.


Images: MyModernMet &

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