This fall, we launched Price Talks, our new podcast series. Price Talks are conversations with past, current, and emerging leaders in urbanist thought across Vancouver and BC’s South Coast — in academia, advocacy, business, media, politics, and urban planning and development.

You can subscribe to Price Talks via Apple Podcasts, Google PlaySpotify or Stitcher – scroll down to see an episode listing and descriptions below.

We’re having fun with some fascinating guests, and we’ll close out 2018 with a dozen long-form conversations on the year’s top issues, and looking ahead to the new year.

That said — you’ll notice Price Talks, like Price Tags, is free of ads and subscription fees.

It’s pretty unsustainable, but we want to continue publishing two weekly podcasts in 2019, so here’s our request:

Thanks for your support!


Available now:

  • #1: Tom Davidoff, Associate Professor of the Strategy and Business Economics Division at UBC Sauder School of Business, on the housing crisis in Vancouver.
  • #2: Maria Dobrinskaya, BC Director of the Broadbent Institute, and Simka Marshall, student at Douglas College, on the electoral reform referendum in BC, and why ProRep is lit.
  • #3: Sarah Blyth, Adrian Crook, Wade Grant and Rob McDowell – independent Vancouver city council candidates from the 2018 municipal election, on what happened and what the next four years may hold for local politics.
  • #4: Josh Gordon, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Policy at SFU, and Tom Davidoff, Associate Professor of the Strategy and Business Economics Division at UBC Sauder School of Business on the housing crisis across BC, and how we got here.
  • #5: Lisa Dominato,new Vancouver city councillor, on her background, experiences on the campaign trail, and position on the issues emerging in her first few weeks on the job.
  • #6: Rob McDowell, mediator, former diplomat, and three-time council candidate, on how he got into politics, and what’s in store for him going forward.
  • #7: Greg Moore, former City of Port Coquitlam planner, councillor and mayor, and former chair of Metro Vancouver, on what he learned over 16 years in regional politics, his biggest achievements, and his one regret.
  • #8: Mathew Bond, current councillor in the District of North Vancouver, on the failed motion to approve new seniors and below market rental housing in the midst of a housing crisis.
  • #9: Ken Sim, founder and CEO of Nurse Next Door and Rosemary Rocksalt – and runner-up for Vancouver mayor in the recent municipal campaign – on his experience in the debates, what could have been, and his future in local politicals.

Coming soon:

  • #10: Daphne Bramham, columnist with the Vancouver Sun, on being a woman in journalism, the local political beat, and what the future may hold for legacy media.
  • #11: Jennifer Brandshaw, Danny Oleksiuk and Stuart Smith, board members of Abundant Housing Vancouver, on the first few weeks of the new Vancouver council – the personalities, the motions, the debates, and what it all means for the class struggle over Marking Room.
  • #12: Ian Bushfield, executive director of BC Humanist Association, better known for his work with podcasts Cambie Report and PolitiCoast, on local politics, the new media landscape, and the left-right/urbanist-conservationist matrix he helped cook up during the recent election.

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