From The Vancouver Glass:

CREEKSIDE PARK— As a bike theft epidemic washes over the city, solutions to the problem are few and far between. It might seem like a radical response to the issue but legalizing recreational bike theft could help. Demonstrators are hoping to convince people it’s worth a try. They are calling for an end to the failed “War On Bikes”. It’s their belief that prohibition on bike theft has done more harm than good and it’s now time to try something different.

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(It’s satire, folks) 


  1. This isn’t satire – not by any of the definitions. It’s moronic.

    That said, I wish there were solutions not just to bike theft, but theft of bicycle parts. A couple of my saddles cost over $200. each. I don’t let them out of my sight for more than a few minutes.
    Theft is a real deterrent to bike use.

      1. Good one. You can also get locking courier bags that would deter the casual grab. I’ve put a clamp around my quick release with duct tape over that; and with the magnificent B73 that has a chrome ring spring in the front you can put a U lock through that to the frame. Then, of course, the vile thieves can hacksaw the frame and angle grind the U at their leisure. So, you lose your saddle and have the frame destroyed.
        Detachable panniers are another problem. I have secured mine with clothesline wire and clips. It slows a thief down only marginally, but stops the quick grab. Working on bikes is more cumbersome too, but what can you do?
        I haven’t lost a bike in 25 years, so prudence and paranoia are good things. Have had two pairs of gloves pinched just this year – now always carry them with me.

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