This little Brutalist building at Georgia and Cardero is already gone.

There were a few of these overbuilt blocks (really, three storeys in concrete?) scattered around the city and suburbs, typical of the 1970s.  Was there an architectural firm that specialized in them?  Were there economic reasons for their popularity?  Inquiring minds want to know if someone has answers.

The reason for their demolition is obvious, however.  This is what’s under construction now:


It’s ‘Cardero’ by Bosa.  The architect?  Here’s the home page:

Except the architecture hype doesn’t give the name of the architect!

It’s Henriquez Partners Architects.



  1. Gosh, well … with apologies to Henriques et al, but that’s quite awful. What happens with those skewed balconies? Or are they windows? It makes me a bit dizzy looking at it.

  2. I suspect that the window washers will have a tough time getting under all the staggered balconies on their ropes. The glass windows and doors on each balcony would be the responsibility of the resident to clean.

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