Well, in this case, the 1960s are coming down.

Nineteen sixty-one, to be specific – when Royal Towers was built as a hotel across the street from New Westminster City Hall. Now the aldermen, as they were known then, had a place to get a beer before and/or after council meetings. They probably drove over, given that the place was obviously designed for the car:

Once again, rising land values, acceptance of densification and better place-making are leading to the Last Days of Motordom: auto-dependent urban design.  Here’s what is proposed:


  1. So it’s indicative of the End of Motordom because the 1,230 (!) parking spaces are buried underground and out of sight?

    1. From the linked article: “The amount of proposed parking spaces is actually under the 1,355 spaces required by existing zoning bylaws in New Westminster, but the developer is touting the development’s location within walking distance of two SkyTrain stations.” https://urbanyvr.com/royal-towers-replacement-over-900-homes-and-40-storeys-proposed-for-new-westminster

      However I agree, it is still far too much car parking (and too few bicycle parking) spots for any location, let alone a transit dense neighbourhood.

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