Across the street from the buildings described below, there’s a favourite piece of public art at the corner of Lonsdale and 13th.  It references the early history of North Vancouver.

Everyone loves the camel.



  1. Everyone? In North Van? Not likely.

    As is the case with seemingly every piece of public art on the North Shore there have been howls of outrage about the camel, usually complaining that there aren’t any camels on Lonsdale, so this one shouldn’t be here.

  2. Presumably the artist isn’t exercising his/her moral rights to the integrity of the artistic work or the developer smartly obtained a waiver of moral rights.

    That was the subject of the classic copyright case where Cadillac Fairview tied red Christmas ribbons around the necks of the Canada geese in Michael Snow’s well-known hanging sculpture (of a flock of Canada geese) in the Toronto Eaton Centre – and was promptly sued. Mr. Snow won.

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