It’s baby steps, or rather baby incursions by the ocean onto various parts of Vancouver. We begin our adaptation to climate changes.

We seem incapable of changing our habits, so we’ll just offload the whole thing onto adaptation by local governments. It’s all good.

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Another King Tide will occur in late December, according to Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  And the peak will be higher than this November King Tide.

My best interpretation of the tide tables puts the peaks as follows:

  • December 24 07:46 am
  • December 25 08:30 am
  • December 26 09:13 am
  • December 27 09:57 am
  • December 28 10:40 am


  1. Thanks, Gordon for the heads up. I heard Johanna Wagstaffe, CBC meteorologist and seismologist, give a talk at my son’s school last night. She has a new podcast on how climate change will affect B.C. It’s well worth a listen. She knows her stuff and has the scientific background and research to back it up. It is called 2050:Degrees of Change.

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