In a world where ‘athleisure wear’ is a thing and the sneaker is the biggest selling shoe, in a town that is home to Lulu Lemon and MEC, it’s not news that we signal through our clothing that we are active, outdoor-loving people.  I was contemplating that when taking a crowded Seabus the other day and noticed this:

By far the majority of people had backpacks or bags slung over their shoulders.  They’re a very practical way, of course, to carry all our daily needs – or go for a day hike.  Which in a way is what we’re doing more and more as we switch from mode to mode in our daily journeys, and walk between them.

It’s well-correlated common sense that transit users get more physical activity.  Now with more frequent transit (and even car share, which often requires a short walk), we’re walking (and measuring our walks) more often.  Even with cycling and bike-share, a backpack makes the most sense.  Not surprising, then, that we choose our clothing to match our active-transport needs, and make a fashion statement about our lifestyle as we do.




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