This week new mayors are being sworn in across Metro Vancouver and we can say with relative confidence that none of them have their own trap music video. But as CityLab reports Taipei’s  Mayor Ko Wen-je has separated from the Mayoral pack by teaming up with well-known Taiwanese rapper Chunyan and released his first music video.

Chanting “Do things right” the 59-year-old  mayor (who is also a surgeon) received 4,000 comments in the first day of the release on YouTube and in one week has over 1.7 million views.The timing of the video release was exquisite,  immediately after he had participated in a municipal restructuring  And this mayor gets around, having visited Amsterdam and declaring that dedicated cycling lanes like those used by the Dutch should be something that Taipei works toward. In the video below a transportation professor from a Taiwanese University suggests that since most people do not bike in Taipei, and since the street network was designed without thought to bike lanes, that the Dutch model was not a good example. We are waiting for the Mayor’s trap video response on this one.


Image: CityLab


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