Had enough of earnest plodding efforts to sort the electoral gold from the heaps of ballot dross?

Is it still not coming together for you?  And tick-tock; the voting deadline is getting closer.  What’s a person to do?

How about this collection, by Christopher Porter, of slates for every intention? All you do is tap into your definitive inner vision for the future of the city — and then pick a prefab matching slate.

Couldn’t be simpler.

My fave is “No City for White Men”, reflecting the remarkable opportunity to elect a pretty credible council (including mayor) completely from the other 75+ percent of our citizenry.


  1. And here’s the list we will use, mostly from a respected and thoughtful city activist/politician who values a candidate’s ability to work together over party loyalty. You won’t find names here of those who have a history of voting NO just because a good proposal was made by someone (or some party) they don’t like. You’ll also find that these are people who support the entire city, instead of just a neighbourhood’s interests, or just the status quo. As you will see, there’s a significant range of political leanings.

    MAYOR: Shauna Sylvester. Thoughtful, clear objectives, great ability to bring others together.

    Casey Crawford (NPA) Good chair of Park Committee.
    Tricia Barker (NPA) Reaches out a lot. Not partisan; good heart
    Stuart Mackinnon (Green)
    Camil Dumont (Green)
    Gwen Giesbrite (COPE). Brittania active. Ran for school board
    Cameron Zubko (Vision). Young, assertive, Métis “Blue Liberal”
    Shamin Shivji (Vision). Ismaeli; Lawyer w/ Pt. Grey Community Assn. Thoughtful, detailed

    Alan Wong, for institutional memory. Trustee since 1999!
    Erin Arnold (Vision)
    Carrie Bercic (One City), current trustee
    Aaron Leung (Vision): young, experienced. SE Vancouver; On CoV Childrens Advisory Committee
    Janet Fraser (Green), current Board Chair
    Estralita Gonzalez (Green)
    Jennifer Reddy (One City)
    Morgane Oger (Ind.) Chair of Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council
    Morgane Oger- I saw (I think it’s a her now; not sure) name after I got these recommendations, so wasn’t able to ask. Morgane nearly beat Sam Sullivan for MLA. Surprised she wasn’t recommended.

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