It looks like a carefully curated theme, but really, there are just so many families with kids out there in the world of people who ride bikes.  They just keep on riding into my pix.

Autumn leaves
Arbutus Greenway in October


  1. Well, of course. The appetite for places to cycle by families is widespread. Just need to provide a place to do it.

    I take issue with the term “get people out of their cars” that’s used sometimes. It implies that cars would be the only choice if everyone had the same opportunities. This is just not true. Many people are only driving for some trips because there is no other choice anymore. It’s a hassle and burden for them but they aren’t given any other options. Give them another option and they’ll take it.
    The natural state of things and how things would be if the built environment hadn’t been redesigned by Detroit in the mid 20th century, is multi-modal.

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